Five ways to save $100 by the end of the week

September 7, 2017 ATB Financial

Sometimes saving money feels impossible. How can you possibly save money with rent, gas, groceries, student loans, and the weekend to pay for? If it always seems like you’re picking up extra shifts for the basics, you’re not alone. The good news is that saving a little money toward a goal is actually doable. To get you started, here are our top five ways to save a hundred dollars by the end of the week.

Drinks on your own patio

Evening drinks on a downtown rooftop patio is pretty great, but so is having your friends over for summer drinks on the balcony. Whether you’re into coronas, craft beer, or wine, it’s always cheaper when you BYOB.

Grab a friend and get outside

As incredible as they are, those spin, boxing, bar, and yoga classes can get pretty expensive. Skip your usual class this week and head outside with a friend. Whether it’s running, biking, or taking the pups out, you’ll feel even better for getting outside and getting some sun – for free.

Consignment stores are your new best friend

Most of us have a few good pieces in our closets that we never wear. If we’re being honest – some with the tags still on. Turn that clutter into cash by taking them to your favorite consignment store. They’ll do all the work and you’ll get a percentage of the profits.

Get creative with date night

Date nights are always a good idea, but even a basic dinner and movie date can cost well over a hundred dollars. Get creative with your date night and plan a night of cooking something new together, a picnic and Frisbee game in the park, or even a bike ride and BBQ. Your wallet - and your date - will thank you.

Make your own Nice cream

Our local ice cream and gelato makers are incredible. It’s perfectly normal to stop by their shops more than twice a week – right? Anyway, your wallet and your fitness can catch a break by making your own nice cream at home this week. Freeze a couple bananas, throw them in a blender with some frozen berries or some cocoa powder and peanut butter. You’ll end up with an incredible frozen treat that’ll have you hooked all summer.

Now that you’ve got $100, you’ve got enough to invest – ATB Prosper

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