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WHY TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT ALBERTA'S EXPORTS? Rob Roach, ATB Financial We have to be constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of our competitors. 2 There is no shortage of economic theories about the pros and cons of international trade, but when it comes to Alberta, four things are abundantly clear: 1) Alberta's economy benefits greatly from, and is highly dependent upon, international exports. 2) From oil and gas to beef and wheat to wood and medical instruments, we have a lot of stuff we can sell to other places and, by doing so, generate profits and jobs. 3) We have way more of this stuff than we can make use of in our local economy so exporting it makes sense. 4) While other parts of Canada are key markets, international markets present the largest opportunities. We also know that the export game is not easy and that we have to be constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of our competitors in terms of innovation, infrastructure (including pipelines) productivity and human capital. For these reasons, it is useful to "get the lay of the land" regarding what we export and to whom. In addition, as we seek new customers for our existing products and as we develop new wares to sell, it is valuable to know what we currently export and who buys it. For a more detailed examination of population trends in Alberta, see Selling our wares under "ATB's Extended Reports" at About Perch Thanks for taking a moment to read ATB Financial's Perch. Published quarterly, each edition focuses on a topic of importance to Albertans and their prosperity. Subscribe here at Who are we? We are ATB Financial's Economics & Research team. We work to share our province's economic story and to connect Albertans to the economic news and ideas they need to know about. Head on over to to get a better look at who we are and what we do. Selling our wares: Alberta's international exports Exports statistics are subject to historical revision and the numbers vary slightly depending on which source is used and when it is accessed. As a result, the statistics cited in this report should be viewed as approximations rather than precise numbers. The export product categories used in this report are based on the Harmonized System (HS). For a list of the HS codes included in each category, please see the appendix to the extended report.

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