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Pages 1 and 2 of your report present a consolidated summary of your account(s). 5 6 1 2 3 4 1 Your Investment Report This section includes your personal information, the reporting period for both quarterly and monthly investment reports, and the accounts the statement covers (including both registered and non-registered accounts). 2 Questions This section provides you with contact information if you have questions about your investment report or portfolio. 3 Change in the Value of Your Accounts This section summarizes the activity of your accounts for the reporting period. Quarterly reports include two time periods: the quarter covered by the report ("This period") and the year to date ("This year"). For monthly reports, "This period" is the calendar month covered by the report. 4 Performance of Your Investments This section features a bar graph that compares the value of your portfolio with the net amount you've invested. The top bar (A) is the market value of your portfolio at the end of the period. The bottom bar (B) is the net amount you have invested (all deposits minus any withdrawals). Also displayed are past rates of return for your portfolio over distinct periods. Returns of one year or more are annualized. Returns for less than one year are stated as simple returns. Note: This section will not appear in monthly reports. 5 Market Value of Your Investments by Asset Class This section features a table that shows the combined investment mix for your accounts at the end of the reporting period. The table shows only asset classes you actually hold. Investments that don't fit into specific asset class categories—like balanced mutual funds—are reported as Unclassified Investments. 6 Informative Messages Additional information may appear in this section, such as important reminders, helpful tips or added details about a particular section of your statement. 7 Performance Using the same format as in section 4, this section contains account- specific market value changes through distinct periods Note: This section will not appear in monthly or quarterly single- account reports. 8 Activity This Period This section reports the transactions that took place in your account in chronological order through the statement period. It begins with the opening cash balance and ends with the closing cash balance.

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