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Elevator Pitch Template Keep it around 30 seconds so that there's room for 2-way dialogue - remember that it's less about all the things you want to say and more about how your audience hears and responds to your message. Your goal is to lead into a follow-up conversation. 4-STEP ELEVATOR PITCH 1. Who you are and your hook 2. Your Value Proposition 3. Where you're at 4. Your ask "Hi, I'm Vidya Crawley and I'm the Leader of ATB X. There's one thing that entrepreneurs I've talked to have in common: that it's lonely when you're trying to build something on your own. Our business accelerator helps early-stage entrepreneurs get to market quicker by surrounding them with a supportive peer community. We're currently in Cohort 4 and have grown 80 businesses through our program. If you know of any entrepreneurs who are out on their own and need help overcoming those go-to-market hurdles, please send them our way as we recruit the next cohort!"

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