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Value Proposition Templates Your Value Proposition is a single statement or sentence that communicates the transformation you create for your customers by solving their pain point(s) and/or enabling their desire(s). THE XYZ We help [X - customer segment] do [Y - job or outcome to achieve] by [Z - process to reduce pain or increase gain]. "We help non-technical marketers discover return on investment in social media by turning engagement metrics into revenue metrics." (Tor Gronsund) "Dropbox Business simplifies your work, with a central place to access and share files." (Dropbox) "We empower travellers to understand their organized travel options with transparency and without any sales pressure." (FarCloser Travel) THE TAGLINE [Unique qualifier] [product/service] for [customer segment]. "Clean beauty for busy people." (Kaia Naturals) "No-bullshit financial advice for people unwilling to settle for an ordinary life." (Finovo) "Custom functional art for high-end homes." (Ferrous & Fibre) "We make websites for people who make everything...except websites." (Studio C&G) THE BIGGER MISSION We [bigger-picture outcome or mission or disruption]. We do that by [unique process to reduce pain or increase gain]. "Alora adds beauty and meaning to the lives of everyday women. We do that by handcrafting jewelry that reminds them of their values and empowers others." (Alora) "We help people who help animals. We do this by connecting understaffed vet clinics with qualified locums in real time." (IMLocum) "We make self-care simple. Our curated monthly subscription box helps you take time for yourself." (Stresscase) "Our online platform connects growing employers who want to secure 'hard to find' talent with verified independent recruiters who want to attract qualified leads." (Ahoy Employ) "AirBnB is a community-based platform where travelers can save money by renting and homeowners can make money while hosting." (AirBnB) THE MARKETPLACE PLATFORM Our platform connects [user/customer 1] who want to [job/outcome to achieve] with [user/customer 2] who want to [job/ outcome to achieve].

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