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Cashflow Canvas How does your business make money? What products or services are sold? How are they bundled? REVENUE STREAMS MAKING MONEY SPENDING MONEY What costs are directly linked to selling each product? Think materials, packaging, processing, shipping, etc. Then think labour. COST OF GOODS SOLD What do you charge your customers for the product? What will they pay for the value your product provides? PRICE POINT When do your products sell? How many unit are sold? When do your customers pay you? MAPPING ASSUMPTIONS What skill-sets are needed for your business to succeed? In whom will you find these skills? Are they advisors, employees or contractors? What and when will you pay them? How will you find them and keep them? How much do you pay yourself? TEAM What type of space do you require? How much does it cost? Does it include utilities? Do you require parking and storage? What additional operating costs does your business incur? Think bank fees, insurance, parking, cell phones, maintenance, security, etc. SPACE AND OPERATIONS What activities are essential to backing up the revenue projections you've mapped above? Remember to account for the five stages of customer recruitment and the various initiatives and respective costs for each. SALES AND MARKETING Make sure you're covered. What other expenses do you need to budget for? Think loans (interest and principal), contingency funds, travel, membership dues, association fees, etc. ADDITIONAL EXPENSES Created by Taunya Woods Richardson © 2016 Richwood Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. Name Business Date

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