The ATB Prosper Dashboard app has a lot to offer; read Brooke's review

May 24, 2018 ATB Financial

ATB Prosper Dashboard app

The ATB Prosper Dashboard app has a lot to offer; read Brooke's review ​

Hey ATB Prosper investors!

I’m Brooke, and I’m excited to share with you my experience with the new ATB Prosper Dashboard app for IOS!

The online platform is super easy to use, but there’s something really convenient about having the app on your mobile phone—especially with Touch ID access.

I’ve been an ATB Prosper user for about a year now, and it’s exactly the tool I needed to start actively pursuing my investment goals. Having the ATB Prosper Dashboard app makes it simple to check my progress, edit my goals and contribute whenever I can.

ATB Prosper Dashboard app

Goal Overview

The Goal Overview tab allows me to see my account type, account number, and most importantly, my total account balance as soon as I open the app. So, if I’m just logging in to check my balance, it’s as easy as using my thumbprint.

Using my ATB Prosper login information, I can log into ATB Investor Connect right from the Goal Overview tab, which allowed me to easily change my communication preferences. Now I receive communications online and have a lot less paper to recycle.

ATB Prosper Dashboard app

Growth & Contributions

The Growth & Contributions tab gives me a simple overview of my TFSA’s performance. Watching the market contributions and ATB Prosper Bonus add up is really exciting and it’s a great feeling to see how much I’ve contributed so far—it’s way more than I expected!

ATB Prosper Dashboard app

My Portfolio

The My Portfolio tab breaks down how my investment portfolio is built. It even includes visuals.

The explanation of fixed income and equity assets are really helpful, and I understand my investment portfolio much better after reading the asset breakdown and fund facts. Now that I can speak to my investment assets, I feel more accountable and equipped to reach my goal.

ATB Prosper Dashboard app

Quick Save

For me, the best part of the dashboard app is the Quick Save tool. When I’m feeling inspired to give my rainy day fund an extra boost or find myself with a little extra cash, I can make a contribution anywhere, any time.

I know how much those extra deposits can add up over time, and since I was able to use tuition credit on my taxes this year, I used the Quick Save tool as soon as my tax refund was deposited into my account.

ATB Prosper Dashboard app  

Edit Goal

When I saw how quickly my contributions were increasing my total account balance, I decided to start saving even more. I used the Edit Goal function to raise my pre-authorized contribution amount, and I can lower it at any time as well.

ATB Prosper Dashboard app

Contact Us

When I first downloaded the ATB Prosper Dashboard app, I clicked around to check out everything the app has to offer—and I found the Contact Us page to be super helpful.

I made a small withdrawal from my account by calling directly from the app. I was able to talk to an advisor who answered all my questions and transferred the money into my chequing account.

I also checked out ATB Learn, a content hub where you can read all about investing, from beginner to expert. I learned a lot by clicking through articles about investing basics and trending topics. Finally, I can contribute to happy hour investment conversations with confidence!

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