Why email marketing should be in your digital marketing strategy (digital marketing part 4)

June 13, 2019 ATB Financial


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Email is one of the oldest and most common channels for digital marketing campaigns. But with social media marketing changing the online marketing landscape, are emails relevant anymore? We hosted four digital marketing specialists at our EMERGE summit to talk about email marketing and more. Need more advice? Give their first, second, and third nuggets of wisdom a read.

Our panelists included Andrea Gibson, Account Director at Vovia, a premier marketing and media buying agency based in Calgary; Neil Smith, ATB’s Senior Manager, Digital Conversion; Tyler Butler, ATB’s Senior Manager of Story and Karl Yeh, who leads Brookfield Residential’s digital marketing program in Alberta and has worked in the digital marketing field for more than 10 years.

Here’s their fourth piece of advice for digital marketing in 2019:

Email marketing is still relevant

We may have just heard your eyes roll, but give us a chance to explain. Email marketing doesn’t necessarily equal spam—when done right, it gives you a chance to build relationships with your customers and add value.

To top it off, you own your email list—these people have given you permission to send them content, which means they’re at least somewhat invested in you and your business. While your number of social media followers may be sexier, you don’t have any ownership over your followers, and they can unfollow you in a second—which is why social media and email marketing are made to be used together.

“Email is integral to your digital identity,” reinforced Tyler.

“To login or start an account on social, you use your email. You can even upload your email lists onto social media platforms to cross reference and connect with your subscribers on social. Click-thru rates on email are immensely higher than on any other digital advertising method.”

Andrea adds that when you upload your email lists onto social media platforms, you not only have the capability to find them, but you can find people who have similar interests and therefore could be potential customers.


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Here’s their fifth and final piece of advice on digital marketing trends.

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