Organic content is key according to digital marketing experts (digital marketing part 2)

June 13, 2019 ATB Financial

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Do you really need paid digital advertising to be seen by your target audience? Is organic content enough? Our panelists at the EMERGE summit answered these questions and more about digital marketing. Want to hear more of what they talked about? Check out part one of this five part series.

Our panelists included Andrea Gibson, Account Director at Vovia, a premier marketing and media buying agency based in Calgary; Neil Smith, ATB’s Senior Manager, Digital Conversion; Tyler Butler, ATB’s Senior Manager of Story and Karl Yeh, who leads Brookfield Residential’s digital marketing program in Alberta and has worked in the digital marketing field for more than 10 years.

Here’s their second piece of advice for digital marketing in 2019:

Organic content can perform just as well (or better) than paid digital advertising using this principle

How does content go viral? While we don’t have a magic formula, Tyler said that ATB’s best performing unpaid social media content featured emotional storytelling, or creative conversations. Take their Listens Lounge at SocialWest conference last year.

They tweeted and asked their followers to ask for an​ything they wanted at the conference and they delivered. From a rainbow unicorn floatie to someone who had never met a cowboy who ended up arm in arm with a professional bull-rider that ATB staff knew through sponsorships.

“We had a budget of $1,000, so we had to be creative and use connections,” Tyler shared. “That low budget generated 1.6 million twitter impressions in 2 days, and made people really happy. We generated real emotional responses.”


The bedrock of viral are the things that connect with human emotion.  -Tyler Butler


Want to read more of our digital marketing specialist’s tips?

Here’s their third piece of advice on digital marketing and metrics. ​​​

​If you’re looking for more advice to help you with your business, our Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business is full of resources and advice for emerging entrepreneurs like you.
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