Albertan business with global reach discusses email marketing

October 3, 2018 ATB Financial

Albertan business with global reach discuss email marketing


Did we just see your eyes roll when you read “email marketing”? You wouldn’t be the first. Despite immediate associations with spam and cluttered inboxes, email marketing can actually be one of the most effective ways to get your business in front of potential customers.

Still unsure? No worries! We reached out to Nate Martin, Marketing and Communications guru at PK Sound, to get his take on what email marketing has done for them—for reference, they won the first ever People’s Choice Award in 2016 and Innovation Award in 2015 from the Calgary Chamber Small Business Week Awards. So he knows what he’s talking about.

What’s PK Sound?

PK Sound was started by a group who wanted to make a better quality speaker for the local shows that they were throwing, since the rental equipment available to them wasn’t cutting it. Now, we provide state-of-the-art speakers for shows locally and all over the world.

Why email marketing?

We find email is helpful—especially in tandem with a secondary platform like Hubspot or Active Campaign—because it allows us to see exactly who’s responding and what they’re responding to.

It also allows us to run campaigns that capture blog and webpage analytics, breaking down the percentages of click-through rates on links and CTA’s. Through different email lists, you can see real time data coming back to you—if visitors are turning into repeat visitors and eventually potential clients, you can start to gauge how to maximize the best value for your advertising dollar. Google analytics has also proven to be quite helpful.

How does it work with your other marketing efforts?

Engaging clients and fans through social media outlets such as Facebook or Instagram has also proven to help us gain traction—although the main goal with both email and social is to drive traffic to the website.

What platforms do you use?

We use Hubspot and Mailchimp to keep our mailing lists in order. Hubspot is our primary platform since we can keep our contacts and leads with their order history. Before we started using these platforms, email campaigns were few and far between with no way of telling how effective they were.

What kind of content do you share?

As with any advertising, the more consistently you can approach and execute successful campaigns, the better. So we’ve been really trying to do a minimum of two articles per month, usually with an event-specific focus that features our leading edge technologies. Alongside these articles we’ll do write-ups that are a little more technology focused—small blurbs that we can share via social media or through online publications.

Generally, we’ll decide on events based on our calendar for the year, create a budget, then approach writers and photographers to cover the event. Usually a staff member or someone from the show will help supplement more technical aspects of the show, always sharing the story to show how PK Sound was specified due to its innovative sound control technology.

Once the content has been edited, it’s released to its specific demographic by email or online publication. Usually the two are done in tandem to maximize traffic back to the website.

Lately our focus has been to create short but meaningful or entertaining video content, something that we didn’t used have time for. But now that the company is growing we have the resources to do so.

How effective has it been for you?

We’ve found email marketing to be quite effective, especially when you can see a direct result of increased traffic, which in turn leads to an increase in quality contacts and eventually sales. Our analytics have been very responsive and quite accurate, even though it’s been a relatively new concept for us.

What are your top tips for fellow entrepreneurs?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or employ people that can help get your campaigns on track. In these days of rapidly changing tastes and technology, what was effective may no longer be in a few months. Always be on the lookout for new strategy, read as much as you can, and look at what others are doing to be successful.

Email marketing doesn’t sound quite as outdated now, does it? If you’re thinking about getting started with email marketing, get a quick rundown of CASL guidelines and how they affect you.


We know that email marketing is part of a bigger marketing strategy—do you need some help writing one of those? We’ve got you covered with our Marketing Plan Template for you to fill in.​​



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