ATB’s Hierarchy of Financial Wellness

November 2, 2018 ATB Financial

What is Financial Wellness

Having control over your day to day finances, having the ability to absorb a financial shock, being on track with meeting financial goals, and having the freedom to make decisions to enjoy life are the core elements of financial wellness.

There are three key elements that form a foundation of overall financial wellness.

1. Financial Literacy

Having the information and tools to make informed financial decisions. Financial literacy lets you understand basic principles and take control of your day-to-day financial decisions, which is the first element of financial wellness.

2. Financial Security

Having the capacity to deal with a financial shock, like a downturn in the economy, illness, emergency or job layoff, is the second element of financial wellness. Do you have a plan in place to comfortably manage changing circumstances or unexpected situations?

3. Financial Confidence

Are you feeling confident about your financial future? How are you preparing for retirement? Financial confidence incorporates short term financial goals such as saving for a vacation or making a major purchase. Working towards these goals brings you to the third element of financial wellness, which then allows you to carry out the final step: enjoying your life.

What to do next?

Once you have identified where you are on the pyramid, seek helpful resources and personal advice to help you continue to move upwards towards financial wellness. Your financial health is important to us, and we are here to listen no matter what your level of understanding or wellness is. ​​
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