Retirement Savings—top tips to feel on-plan for a good retirement

April 26, 2019 ATB Financial


top tips to feel on-plan for a good retirement

You’re one smart cookie. You know your way around your finances, and you’ve got some pretty audacious retirement savings goals to pair with your knowledge. Why not have two vacation properties in your favourite exotic locales? Or an around-the-world pilgrimage planned for the year you stop working?

The point is, you’ve got the goals, and with the right tools and advice at your fingertips, we think you’ll get there in no time. To get you started, we compiled some of our best resources in one place so you can get on-track for the retirement of your dreams.

Set SMART retirement goals

We know that you go big or go home when it comes to goals—we want to see them become reality. That’s where setting SMART—specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely—goals comes in. This handy acronym helps give shape to your goals, equipping you to achieve them. We’ll show you how to apply this technique to your RRSP goals.

Let’s get personal (advice)

Who you trust your well-earned cash with is just as important as how you choose to use it. So take the time to find an advisor who understands your goals like you do, provides personalized advice and gets your “why.” Whatever platform floats your boat—whether an in-person meeting or a digital exchange—only put your trust in experts who don’t just know investments, but are also invested in you. Here are eight things we recommend you look for in a great advisor.

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated

You don’t know the stock market inside and out? No problem. You don’t have to be constantly checking the stocks app on your smartphone or understand investing like a pro to invest successfully. You can invest both simply and successfully.

Our best piece of investment advice (it’s actually pretty simple)

Take a leaf out of Nike’s book: just do it. Even if it feels like you don’t have much to save right now, or it feels like it’s too late, or you’d rather spend your hard-earned money on that awesome seat sale to Peru, putting aside as little as $20 a month can make a huge difference over time.

It can be really easy to cut down the overwhelm of investing and get started on your own with ATB Prosper, or digital tools like our retirement calculator and savings calculator, which provide personalized goal-achieving tips based on your specific goal.
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